Lyocell(Tencel) can be made from different types of trees, including beech trees and eucalyptus. Tencel is produced through a closed-loop process where nearly 100% of the water and non-toic solvents used are re-used.  TENCEL has the ability to enhance breathability; ıt absorbs and releases moisture efficiently. These fibers are less prone to fade, even after repeated washing because it allows color dyes to penetrate deeply into the fiber structure. It creates a pleasant almost soothing cool feeling on the skin. The source material of TENCEL is perfectly renewable: Trees regrow, feeding on sunlight, water and the carbon dioxide from our atmosphere. The biorefinery production of fiber is sourced from sustainable foresty operations. Tencel drapes well, is soft, breathable, moisture-wicking, wrinkle-resistant and entirely biodegradable. Compare to conventional or generic fiber; It uses %40 less water, the process saves %36 of  energy and ıt provides %60 less carbon emission.