Recycled polyester, or rPET, is made from post-consumer recycled plastic soda and water bottles, food containers, unusable second quality polyester fabrics and worn out polyester garments. It is made by breaking down used plastic into small, thin chips, which are processed and eventually turned into yarn. In this way, it prevents used plastic from ending up in our oceans and harming marine life. Also, it decreases greenhouse gas emissions from creating and processing virgin polyester. From saving water bottles from a life in a landfill to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, it’s a go-to for goods that require high performance durability. The energy needed to make the recycled polyester is less than what is needed to make the virgin polyester. Also, using more recycled polyester reduces our dependence on petroleum as the raw material for our fabric needs.

The Recycled Polyester cycle;

Plastic containers - Recovered plastic - Selection and Grinding - Yarn - Recycled Polyester Fabric