L’étoile was born in 2010 as an idea for creating a new brand in sustainable fashion and we have the task of shaping this idea since then.
As a member of Textile industry, that is said to be the second most polluting on our planet, its our duty to change this general situation.
We approach sustainable fashion as our responsibility to the environment.
This adventure begins with soil and water; continues with yarns made of natural fibres and manufacturing; till the garments are delivered to our customers. 
Most importantly; when the product ends its life; and becomes a waste material; it does not harm the environment, even if it gets into the soil and water.
For this reason, we pay attention that all the materials we use are renewable and biodegradable, and we work with the suppliers who can provide these conditions to us. We check and certify all stages of production.
In addition to our BSCI, BCI, OCS and GOTS certifcates; we attach great importance to making sustainable and high quality production for L’étoile and making our trade ethically and fairly. 
The production is carried out in Turkey for L’étoile collection. We love to give life to our designs with natural, organic or recycled fibers. Bamboo, modal, linen; organic and recycled cotton, tencel, recycled polyester are our favorites.
The sustainability we have targeted for our fabrics is also valid for all the trims we are using mainly for the labelling.
Our mission with L’étoile brand is to leave less footprints in the ecological system with sustainable textiles. 
Our vision is to become a respected member of Slow Fashion. L’étoile also wants to change people's perception of sustainable textiles.
All the designs that come to peoples’ mind; when dressing with respect to the environment are simple, ordinary and daily. Whereas; we offer timeless; chic and elegant styles to our customers.
                                       L’étoile “Fashion of Nature’’…